Taiwan Jewellery & Gem Fair

2015 Taiwan Jewellery & Gem Fair - Events Review



The Influence of CITES on Current & Future Precious Coral Business

How is CITES going to affect the coral industry? This question has concerned many precious coral business owners. Famous scholar and new generation of coral business owners will share their views and discuss the pros and cons of this convention.



 Jewellery Store Management

Being in the jewellery business for about 30 yeaers, Mr. Tsai has offered business consultation to many fellow jewellery business owners. At this seminar he will share with the audience his successful tactics for jewellery store management.



Jade Nomenclature

The presentation will cover jade nomenclature, how names and terms have been applied throughout history, how the name ‘jade’ is used today, the problems that have developed recently as a result of changes to some definitions and the way that some in the trade classify jade. Dr. Abduriyim will also discuss potential solutions to the discrepancies over the term ‘jade.’



What does the International Gem Certificate Tell You about Your Precious Stone?

Judy will explain in detail what information is included on an International Gem Certificate and she will also share various stories behind some of the certificates.



The Management of "Private Jeweller" Business

Mr. Lien share his wisdom of being a private jeweller and the secrets behind his success in private jeweller business management.


Innovation Management of Jewellery Business

Evolution is important for all businesses and industries, including family-owned jewellery business. How can compromise be reached between the old and new generations when revolution is in the way? Let’s hear our panelists' experiences.



3D Printing x The new chapter of jewellery design and manufacturing 

From raw material to end product; The total solution of jewellery digitalization and high end manufacturing.



Rare Colombian Emeralds

This seminar will be focusing on the following areas of Emeralds,
a. Recent History
b. Emerald Mines
c. Clarity Treatments
d. Marketing



Jewelry Journey and Jewelry Trend

Exploring the jewellery design trends with new ideas for using materials and colors in 2016  


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