Taiwan Jewellery & Gem Fair

2013 Taiwan Jewellery & Gem Fair - Events Review




Investment and Market Development of High-End Jewellery』

This seminar hosted by the publisher of Jewellery News Asia Ms. Christie Dang and discussed with the chairman of Chii-lih Coral Ms. Hung Ming-Li, the chairman of Chia Ta Jewellery Mr. Yu Zhong-Da and the chairman of VS Art Jewellery Mr. Xu Bing-Cheng.
The seminar focused not only on the investment value of high-end jewellery and treasures (including jadite, gem stone and coral), but also provided professional forecasting, in-depth analysis and discussions.


New Age of Jewellery Manufacturing – Digital Design and 3D Printing Technology』

We have invited the CEO of TDM RhinoGold MR. Rafael del Molino and the CEO of W&W Co., Inc. Mr. Raymond Wu to introduce and demonstrate the new technologies of jewellery manufacturing – digital jewellery design and 3D printing.




Jewellery, the Invisible Champion of Culture and Creative Industry

The CEO of Taiwan Jewellery Art Institute Mr. Lu Chun-Hsiung presented his perspective and opens our eyes to view the jewellery industry as an invisible champion of culture, as well as a creative industry for exports.


Design, Creation and Innovation of Art Jewellery

The founder of Chen Chan Art Jewellery Co. Mr. Chen Chan presented his views and shared from his 20 plus years of experiences in this field. In particular, his presentation explores the jewellery art of creativity, design and production, combined with the matter of jewellery craft aesthetic and business model.




How to Identify CVD Diamonds

Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Dr. Wang Wu-Yi has brought some samples of CVD synthetic diamond and taught us how to identify synthetic or natural diamonds.
*Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) is a chemical process used to produce high-quality, high-purity well-performance synthetic diamonds.



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